About us

Kenvyra is a custom operating system for Android devices based on LineageOS. Our goal is to build the most performant custom ROM while allowing users to choose from a large selection of features and variants.

Why? Because we love optimizing things and tuning the software so that users get the most out of their hardware. Also, privacy-focused ROMs are usually extremely barebones: If you want proper customization, you usually need to install Magisk modules like AOSP Mods. We believe that customization, if done right, will not hurt performance and allows users to make their device feel more personal.


Kenvyra started out of a love-and-hate relationship with CalyxOS and PixelExperience. We used to build heavily modified versions of PE called DavinciCodeOS with tons of patches for more recent compilers and extra features like App Lock. Similarly, we built unofficial CalyxOS with the same patches. We loved and wanted the privacy features of CalyxOS, but also the customization options that PixelExperience had, and more on top. The result is Kenvyra.


We are always looking for contributors! Whether it's porting to a new device or adding new features in the system, let us know what you're doing and submit it for approval on GitHub!