Kenvyra is here.

A custom Android ROM tuned for performance and privacy, available in three different flavours.
Lockscreen screenshot

Welcome to Kenvyra!

Kenvyra is a custom operating system for Android devices based on LineageOS with tons of added features.

Why Kenvyra?

Kenvyra does not compromise on performance and instead utilizes modern compilers to their fullest extent, allowing the builds to be more optimized at the cost of longer build times. We backport changes from upcoming Android releases and optimize core components of Android by hand to ensure you get the most out of your device.

We believe that users should have the maximum freedom in regards to what runs on their device - that's why we ship builds in three flavors: Vanilla, microG and GApps. We do our best to ensure that your device will not "phone home" to Google out of the box and protect your privacy, but users who rely on Google applications will be satisfied by our builds with Pixel GApps without any compromises on functionality.

The ROM includes advanced customization options beyond what LineageOS offers, because we believe that customization and performance or privacy do not conflict unless it is done excessively. We include the customization options that we deem efficient and impacting enough to deserve inclusion. Something's missing? Reach out, and we will consider adding it.

How do I get Kenvyra?

Official Kenvyra builds can be found on the devices page. If there are no official builds for your device, try looking for unofficial ones on social channels like XDA or Telegram. Or get started with building it yourself!