Xiaomi Mi 9T / Redmi K20 (davinci)

Maintainers: Adrian and Steve

Xiaomi Mi 9T / Redmi K20

Installation instructions


1. Converting to dynamic partitions

If you are not on a ROM with dynamic partitions, you will have to migrate. Reboot your phone into fastboot and run fastboot wipe-super super_empty.img.

2. Flashing TWRP

Now, run fastboot flash recovery twrp_davinci-xyz.img and fastboot reboot recovery to enter TWRP.

3. Updating firmware and flashing the ROM

Important: If you just flashed super_empty.img, you must go to "Settings" in TWRP and disable "Unmount System before installing a ZIP" until you have installed a ROM.

From TWRP, go to "Advanced" -> "ADB Sideload" and start a sideload. On your PC, run adb sideload fw_davinci_miui_DAVINCI_xyz.zip. When finished, start another sideload and run adb sideload Kenvyra-13.0-davinci-OFFICIAL-xyz.zip. Afterwards, head to "Wipe" -> "Format data" and confirm.

You should re-enable "Unmount System before installing a ZIP" in the settings now if you disabled it earlier.

Reboot to enjoy Kenvyra!


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